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Our Kingdom mandate is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17) and our hearts’ deepest cry is for REVIVAL! Revival at every level – individual, family, communities, nations and the Church.

Our hunger is to see all men reconciled to God their Maker and to have them grow in grace and in the knowledge of Him; to discover who they are in Him and by faith and knowledge to lay hold on God’s blessings and individual will for their lives; and above all to love the LORD with all their heart, might and strength.

God’s will and purpose is at the heart of what we do and in our commitment to it we are involved in several mission works. Oftentimes, in a year and across several nations and cities, we host REVIVE – our revival meetings. So, please do look up our calendar of meetings for the year and if you find we would be in your city or somewhere near you, please note it in your diary and join us at REVIVE. And if you are a church or ministry, we would to have you partner with us to host a meeting in your city.

In addition to REVIVE, on a daily basis we host a Midnight Cry prayer for global and personal revival. Prayers are on from 23.55 GMT to 00.30. Prayers are led by our Lead Intercessors – men and women of God with proven grace in the ministry of intercession. Its a conference prayer meeting and believers from across the world join us through a dial-in number or through the freeconference app which is downloadable from the Google Play Store for androids and the  Apps store for apple products. For the Believer, it is a great way to keep the fire of God burning on our prayer altars and also to stay fervent in the Spirit.

And then is our REVIVE Journal – our weekly article on discipleship.

I believe that it is time for us to earnestly seek the Lord; I truly believe that it is that right time to cry to the Lord for His grace to live a holy and sanctified life; to pursue and commit to God’s will for our lives despite the enemy’s onslaught geared to distract and discourage us. I believe that henceforth, we must live each day as if it was our last – not in the expectation of death but that we might adopt a mindset that enables us to redeem the time and maximise all of heaven’s resource at our disposal to nurture a people made ready for the LORD.

I am hopeful that as we do this, the LORD GOD will show Himself to this generation and they will see Him for who He really is – the most just, most righteous, most faithful, most compassionate, most loyal, most powerful and the most loving God in all of creation and eternity. And with their clear vision of Him, I believe that multitudes will wholeheartedly return to Him.


Chinwe Onwuchekwa


Our vision is to see Christians worldwide prepared and made ready for the Lord Jesus at His coming.


Our mission is to ignite the fire of revival in every individual life, in communities and nations where the Lord will send us.

We are also committed to raising godly prayer altars and to help sustain the believer’s fervency in prayers through our daily REVIVE Midnight Cry prayer platform.

Finally, we are committed to discipleship and hold Discipleship Schools as we go on our City Missions – our aim being to ensure that we are helping to nurture a people who are true followers of Jesus.


Our core essence is to ignite the revival fire globally. Along with this, we offer to as many as attend the meetings God’s gift of salvation, healing, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and deliverance from bondages and sinful habits by the Word of God.

Chinwe Onwuchekwa

Founder & Lead Servant

Rev Frank Azubike

Global Co-ordinator - Revive Prayer Platform

Comfort Amusan

Global Worship Co-ordinator

Ernest Ampadu

Global Co-ordinator- Media & Web


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