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“See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of the covenant of the LORD is under tent curtains” 1 Chronicles 17:1b

Says the man of whom the Lord testifies is one after His heart.

Welcome to this edition of The Awakening Call.

David – crowned, established, prosperous and while dwelling in affluence – takes a moment to meditate and wonders why he should dwell in better surroundings than the ark of the covenant of the LORD. He decides to build the LORD a better house than his.

That is the mind-set of a man whom God describes as being after His heart. What a beautiful, beautiful heart this is! It’s a heart that goes beyond a mere mental assent of God’s supremacy and almightiness and acknowledges that if He indeed is God, He deserves better than I do.

And with this, David sets out to gather the best – gold, silver and bronze to build God a befitting house. Please note that while his house was built of cedar, he sets out to build God a house made of the best materials – declaring by his actions that God deserved better than he did.

And this pleased the LORD so much so that He responded that same night! Even before David lifted a finger to build, God pronounced these blessings on the nation, on David and His descendants (1 Chronicles 17:3-14):

a. He will appoint Israel a place, plant and establish them in their own land (verse 9a);

b. He will not permit the sons of wickedness to afflict them anymore as in previous times (verse 9b);

c. He will subdue ALL their enemies (v. 10b);

d. He will build David a house (v. 10c);

e. He will set up and establish his seed after him (v.11);

f. David’s descendants will serve the Lord (v. 12a);

g. The LORD will be a father to his descendants (v.13a);

h. The LORD will never take His mercy away from his descendants (v. 13b).

All of these blessings came because a man decided in his heart that God deserves better than him. I believe that it wasn’t so much as God being impressed by the quality of the building materials, (which of itself is deserving of praise) but by David’s thoughtfulness. This could only have come from a heart that genuinely loves and honours the Father.

God is. As He was then, so is HE now! And His house and His Kingdom deserves the best we can give! David saw the need for a dwelling place for the Ark of God. The question is – what needs do we see in the house of God and in His Kingdom? Whatever they are, we must, as David did, willingly and joyfully give attention to meeting them, and we must meet those needs giving God our very best.

There are multitudes of needs in the Kingdom:

1.We need to do all that we can and spend whatever is necessary to effectively contend for lost souls! We must lay our best – financially and otherwise to strengthen crusades and other soul-winning programmes knowing that there is no salvation after death and the only chance we have to avert a colossal loss of souls is to relentlessly preach Jesus – day and night – everywhere, everytime! All we need to do is find those who carry the true presence and power of God, have an unquenchable hunger and passion for lost souls and give them the best we have to carry on with soul winning.

2.Mission Field: there are multitudes of kingdom labourers and their families who are struggling on the mission field! Most are groaning under untold financial hardship – and such as affects their feeding, accommodation, transportation, utilities like electricity and water, ministry resources – etcetera. To a people who have made up their minds to sacrifice their all for the Kingdom, should we not at least give our best to support and uphold them?

3.Persecuted and displaced Christians: There is an increasing intensity in the persecution of Christians globally and many, especially in Asia and Africa, are losing their loved ones, homes and livelihood because of their faith. They are our brethren – much more so than our biological ones (Matthew 12:50). We have a responsibility to God to give attention to their welfare and pour our very best to looking after them.

The list is endless!

David was not content with having his own needs prosperously met. Rather, he acknowledged that God deserved better than he did and sets out to give God his very best. We must do the same.

My cry and plea is that we open our hearts to the Father’s needs and when we note them – give Him the best we have to meeting those needs. And knowing that He is the God who never changes, He will respond to us just as He did to David, for our God is a respecter of no person!

Please don’t read this and turn away! The best use of the financial blessings and other resources in our hands is to invest them in things of eternal value – in doing this we lay up for ourselves treasures where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal!


Chi Onwuchekwa

Website: www.worldrevive.org.uk

Email: c.onwuchekwa@worldrevive.org.uk

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